About the Project

When we first met the guys from Gear Peer, their idea didn’t even have a name yet. It’s a proud feeling to be a part of creating something out of nothing.

We collaborated with the Gear Peer guys to build their branding so that it would fit the idea of their company and the vision of their technology.

Once their identity was established, we moved on to designing their website from scratch – mapping out each piece of the user experience.

The website functions as a social platform for users to sell their goods as rental items, that require booking in advance over encrypted transactions.

Because this was design from scratch, we built out the site with PHP technology using a Laravel framework and Bootstrap guidelines for a mobile-friendly experience.

We continue to develop and build upon what we’ve already done as Gear Peer’s primary technology and design advisory.

Visit their website – gearpeer.com


Gearpeer.com, Profile Page

Gearpeer.com, User Dashboard

Gearpeer.com, How It Works

Gearpeer.com, About Us